The Team of TrueEdu

Generally, people think of any startup when they have any backup support or if they have earned too much to start any business. But our case is different neither we have any back nor we have earned any money in dollars, we are just students like you who are still experimenting with our lives to make it large.

Hello, guys here I am Abhishek Thakur with my team at your service. I and my team are just students who have faced the same problems which you are facing now. One problem that we
faced and every student faced is in finding the desired books for our studies or any competitive exam. When we don’t get our desired books we have to compromise with the alternative, which ultimately hampers our knowledge and studies.
Our objective is clear, the problems that we have faced we don’t want any other student toface in their life. Many times, especially for remotely students who generally live far from the main cities or markets and unable to access or buy books, for such students our team provides a helping hand as me, and my team members have faced the same problems. Today, internet connectivity has reached to the remotely people in the same way as plastic reached into the arctic ocean, jokes apart, with just one click the student from Jammu to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam can buy a book from our book store.



Assisted us in the designing, developing and rigorous testing of our website. Before starting the work, he took the time to thoroughly understand the concept and then bring our visions and visions into life.

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